Spring 2013

Information Visualization
Katy Börner
Project 1
(Personal Profile & Insightful Information Visualizations)

Handout 1
January 8th, 2013

Due Monday 01-14-2013 at noon (~1 week)

This project has two parts: (I) you will create a personal profile that tells about you, your expertise, and your expectations on this course. The information you provide will be used to adjust course materials to the expertise, (departmental) background, and interests of registered students. Plus, you might use these profiles when selecting partners for team projects in this course. (II) You will select and discuss three insightful information visualizations that helped you or others to understand what words could not explain.

S637 Oncourse Usage

This class uses Oncourse. Please login to Oncourse to access the "SP13 BL SLIS S637 22378 INFORMATION VISUALIZATION" workspace. You will see the

Note that the syllabus, assignments, and all course resources are available via the class web page: http://info.slis.indiana.edu/~katy/S637-S13.

Project 1

For your convenience, the oncourse Wiki has already been set up for your answers for Project 1. The wiki home page includes templates for profiles for each student. Each profile also has a link to a page for Part II of this project. Please also save your wiki page as a pdf file (while viewing the page for Part II, click the "Info" link at the top, scroll down to "Feeds", and click on the PDF icon) and handin via Assignments > Add Attachment.

Part (I): Personal Profile

Note: Different browsers and different versions of browsers display web and wiki pages very differently. Please check your pages on different platforms using different browsers! For the purposes of this course I am going to use IE to view and print your project results.

Part (II): Insightful Information Visualizations

Please select still images. We will discuss animations and interactive visualizations later.

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