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Individual and group work will be evaluated according to how well the course material is understood and implemented into projects, quality of written and oral presentations. You are expected to spend about 8 hours per week outside of class for readings, presentation, and projects.

The final grade will be based on class participation (20%), presentation of selected readings (10%), projects (50%), and a written final exam (20%). Grades are assigned according to the grading standards of SLIS.

You are encouraged to take the IVMOOC self-assessments, midterm, and final but results will not impact your S637 grade.

Class participation:
The quantity and quality of contributions made to class (especially during paper discussions) and electronic discussions counts for 20% of the grade.
All students will be expected to study the assigned readings before each class and to participate in class by asking and answering questions. Readings are assigned for study in preparation for class discussion. Thus, class 2 readings should be completed before attending the second week's class.

Presentation of selected readings:
The 20 minute presentation will address a specific topic/question and will be based on readings from the literature or Internet. Sources will be provided. If you can find more that's great. See Preparation of Presentations for more details.
You are expected to consult the instructor during office hours the week in which you will give the presentation. Prepare your presentation as well as any specific questions you may have in advance.

There will be diverse projects. On some, you will work in teams. Submit links to resulting webpages via Oncourse. Projects will be graded according to

Final exam:
The final exam primarily tests your knowledge of the material presented in class and the assigned readings.
In class 13 you will have the opportunity to write six test questions and exemplary answers that test main course topics. This will give you the opportunity to evaluate course topics, reflect on what you understood, and what are good test items for the upcoming final exam. The resulting set of questions as well as missing material will be discussed in class 14 as preparation for the final exam.

Credits: 3 for S637

Description  |  Outline  |  Policies  |  Grading  |  Resources