Fall 2005
Structural Data Mining and Modeling
Katy Börner
Project 1
(designing a homepage & simple data collection & analysis)

Handout 1
August 29th, 2005


Due Monday 09-05-2005 at 8pm (~1 week)

This project has two parts: (1) you will setup your environment and design a personal web page that tells about you, your expertise, and your expectations on this course. It will be used to adjust course materials to the programming skills and (departmental) background of registered students and to setup the handin web pages. (2) You will be asked to phrase a scientific question that network science and/or complex systems approaches can help answer; select an appropriate dataset; and discuss how this question might be solved.

Handin your web page via the project handin webpage at http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~katy/handin/L597-F05/cgi/handinlogin.cgi.

How to get an account?

You need to have an IUB NT domain account. If you don't have such an account connect to the UCS's account creation system and follow the instructions you find there. Note that the account creation system demands that you know your network password. If you do not know this password, you will have to go to the UCS office in the Union. More information can be found at Computing at IUB.

Every student who takes the L597 course, automatically acquires an account on 'ella.slis.indiana.edu'. Ella accounts are different from IUB NT domain accounts in that they have no space limit and no time limit. Thus, you can store your webpages and process information on 'ella' as long as you want - even after you leave SLIS.

Personal organization
You should create subdirectories in your home directory to organize your account. For example, create a directory called L597 in your account. In that subdirectory, create a subdirectory for each project. Thus, for this project, create a subdirectory called project1. Inside this directory do all of the work necessary to complete this project.

How to proceed?

Part (I)

Note: Different browsers and different versions of browsers display webpages in very different ways. For the purposes of this course I am going to use Netscape to view your project results. You may like to make sure that your webpages work properly in the SLIS Shepherd Lab.
Be aware that other users may use a different version of Netscape or IE to view your pages. Its always a good idea to check your pages on different platforms!

Part (II)

Handing in
Handin the complete web page via the handin webpage at http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~katy/handin/L597-F05/cgi/handinlogin.cgi.

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