Summer I 2002
User Interface Design for Information Systems
Katy Börner
Project 3
(Designing Collaborative Information Spaces)
Handout 5
May 19, 2002


In this project, you will design 'Collaborative Information Spaces'  in 2-D and 3-D. You will work in close collaboration with faculty. Besides the publicly accessible site you will have to handin a web page that documents your project. Each project will be presented during the last class.


How to proceed?


Project 3 will be graded according to five criteria, weighted as indicated below, that have been adapted from Thinkquest (http://library.thinkquest.org/).

Team Collaboration and Effort as Evidenced by End Result (5 points)
The design of user interfaces becomes more and more an collaborative effort involving experts from different disciplines and with various backgrounds. In order to encourage collaboration of students with different skills, resources, and backgrounds, it will be evaluated how successfully team members collaborated on their project by sharing their individual knowledge, skills, effort, and contributions with other team members and faculty collaborators. Please feel free to use Chris' and my office hours to discuss any problems.
For each handin, each team should provide detailed information about its members that is relevant to this criterion.

Value of Project Result (10 points)
In order to encourage teams to create entries that have significant value, they will be evaluated on:

Rank listing of projects done by potential user groups will influence this part of the grade.

Design Quality (10 points)
In order to encourage students to create high quality entries, each project will be evaluated on:

2-D and 3-D Internet Style of Learning/Participation (10 points)
In order to encourage each team to create an entry which uses a combination of 2-D web (including JavaScript) and 3-D environments to enhance the users' learning experiences, it will be evaluated on the extent to which an entry: In the final handin, each team should describe how its team members believe the entry will allow, encourage and foster these activities.

Site Usage (5 points)
It will be determined whether an entry has been, and is likely to be, highly used by others. This evaluation will be based on:

Consequently, factors students should consider as they build an entry include:
Final notes
As always we would like to encourage you to do lots of reading and experimenting. Try to come up with an easily understandable, highly interactive, visually pleasing multi-modal merge of 3-D virtual environment and web pages. 
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