Summer I 2002
User Interface Design for Information Systems
Katy Börner
Project 2
(Design of Web-Based JavaScript Resources)
Handout 3
May 13, 2002

Due Monday May 20th, 2002 at 8pm (no help after 4pm).

In this project, you will design a web page that teaches how to use JavaScript for a specific purpose. You may like to browse sample webpages generated by last years classes:

Start by studying the textbook and other JavaScript material including online resources and select a topic of interest. Explore the ThinkQuest webpages at http://library.thinkquest.org/19537/  or http://www.explorelearning.com/main.html to get ideas on how to come up with an engaging and highly interactive educational webpage.

Note:  Your end users are students taking L542 and L578.  They will rank order your projects according to their usefulness to learn a certain JavaScript features as well as according to their design. Keep your users and their needs in mind when you work on this project!

How to proceed? Handing in
Handin your web page via the project handin webpage at http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/classes/handin/L578-SI02/.
In addition, send the link to your webpage via mail to cmhall@indiana.edu and katy@indiana.edu. The subject line of your e-mail should read 'L578-project2'.

Final notes
Again, do lots of reading and experimenting. Try to come up with an easily understandable, educational, engaging, and visually pleasing webpage.

Useful link

Send mail to katy@indiana.edu with questions or comments about this web site.
Mon May 13 11:38:43 EST 2002