Preparation of Presentations

Basic Steps to Prepare your Presentation

  1. Read Article
  2. Decide about the most important points
  3. Search for and study additional material
  4. Design the structure of the talk
  5. Design overhead transparencies or webpages that illustrate what you want to say
  6. Share with us your 'favourite sentence' of the article.
  7. Use office hours to discuss your presentation
  8. Practice the talk
  9. Give the talk (15mins + 5 mins discussion) - provide handouts if you like.
  10. Create a webpage that provides an overview of the main points made in your talk and gives a summary of the class discussion.
  11. Handin your presentation via the class handin web page and send an mail not later than 3 weeks after your talk. The subject line of your e-mail should read 'L542-presentation'.
Design Tips Preparation of Slides or Webpages
Feel free to select whatever software you feel comfortable with to prepare the presentation.
Make sure that your talk has a title (usually the paper title and author), provide information about who gives the talk and on which date, introduce the structure of the talk (contents), a brief introduction, experimental detail (if available), results, conclusion, and a set of discussion points. In addition, share with us your 'favourite sentence' of the article.
Guard against overloading the slides/webpage with too much information. It is better to simplify and create a series of slides/webpages. Horizontal slides/webpages allow for better audience viewing than vertical ones.
Please request video equipment not later than one week before the presentation.

Presentations will be graded according to

Further Tips (by Richard Gaughan)
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  • Bringing It Together

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