How to Conduct an Usability Study?

You are asked to conduct a usability study as part of your final project.  This usability study is a hands-on exercise in preparing and conducting a usability test, analyzing the resulting data, rating the severity of usability problems, and providing recommendations for the redesign. Methods in this usability test probably include heuristic evaluation, thinking aloud, videotaping, performance measurements, questionnaires, and interviews.
Given the small number of subjects you will be using (3-4) you will not get statistical results. However, you will see where people have difficulties using the interface and you can derive recommendations on how to improve it.

How much time should I spend for which tasks?
For this part of the final project, you have almost three weeks. Most likely you will spend 6 hours planning the usability study (see also [Rubin, 1994], chapter 5 - 7), 4 hours conducting the test with 3-4 subjects  (see also [Rubin, 1994], chapter 8 & 9), and the remaining 6 hours to analyze and report the results of your study  (see also [Rubin, 1994], chapter 10).

How to proceed?

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