Fall 2003
Human Computer Interaction
Katy Börner
Project 2
(HCI Related Theories and Laws)
Handout 3
September 10, 2003


Due Tuesday 09-23-2003 at 10pm.

In this project, you will do a personal web/literature survey of HCI related theories and laws.  In addition, you will improve your web page design skills as you create a webpage that makes your findings online available and explains your design decisions.
Work in groups of two. Don't forget to include your names as well as a short statement of "Who did what" in the description of your project.

How to proceed? Handing in
Handin your web page via the project handin webpage at http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~katy/handin/L542-F03/cgi/handinlogin.cgi

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Sept 10th, 2003