Fall 2003
Human Computer Interaction
Katy Börner
Final Project - Approaching the Real World
Handout 4
Oct 16th, 2003

In your final project you will apply the techniques learned in class and projects to an interface design and evaluation project of realistic complexity. Feel free to have a look at projects from previous L542 students:

You will have four weeks for the final project and you will work in teams of four. Within the team you must negotiate which project to select and which tasks the different individuals will perform. Possible projects and clients are: Please sign up for one of these projects during Lab 7.

There will be five separately graded portions of the final project:

How to Proceed:

1. Defining the Project

2. Present Your Project
Present your project idea, the preliminary user and task analysis, as well as some rough sketches of the interface & description on how to use it to the class. Discuss the three most similar applications and how they compare with your suggested project. Write down any comments you get.

3. User and Task Analysis
Conduct a detailed user and task analysis (see lab 4 and [Dix et. al, 1998]). Make sure that you answer the following questions.

Draw and handin a Hierarchical Task Analysis diagram for one newly supported task.

4. Webpage Design
Design an online prototype system using any software you find appropriate. However, make sure that it can be accessed via Netscape and IE and you can run the application in the usability lab for testing purposes.
Discuss, contrast and handin the Keystroke Level Models (see (Dix et. al, 1998), chapter 6) for two design alternatives.

5. Usability Study
For each study you conduct, identify:

The write-up should comprise: Don't worry if you have no idea how to conduct this usability study. You will learn a lot about usability testing during the Usability Lab Tour in lab 9 as well as in class 9-11.
Detailed advise on how to use the eyetracking device for testing your site will be provided shortly.

6. Redesign
Redesign your webpage(s). Test again!

7. Final Webpages and Documentation
Write concise, scannable, and objective. Make sure you understand How to Write for the Web by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen (1997).

8. Handing in
Handin the Results of User and Task Analysis and Usability Study, Final Webpages, and your Rating by Tue 12-02-2003 at 10pm via the project handin webpage at http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~katy/handin/L542-F03/cgi/handinlogin.cgi. Please put a printout of your entire handin in Katy's SLIS mail box as well.

9. Final Project Demonstration
Sign up for the final presentation in class 15 during lecture and lab (20 min presentation + 5 min discussion). Times are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Good luck and have fun!

Project/Peer Rating
You are asked to rate the contribution of each team member. Individual scores might be adjusted with respect to this feedback.
Please rate on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 20 (highest) the following factors related to your group project.
  1. Rate the overall quality of the work in your project.
  2. Rate the overall contribution of each project team member (including yourself) to the project as a whole. In making your assessment include issues such as intellectual contribution, sharing of workload, dependability, responsibility, and promotion of team morale.
  3. If you have any other comments or considerations I should be aware of in your project team, please provide them as well.
Please handin your rating on a separate piece of paper or via mail to katy@indiana.edu by Tue 12-02-2003 at 10pm
Your input will remain confidential, so please be honest in your appraisals. The rating will influence the class participation (10% of the total grade for the course) as well as the peer review portion of the final project grade (5 points out of 40 points) and it may even influence individual scores for the final project.

Send mail to katy@indiana.edu  with questions or comments about this web site.
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