Z652 Digital Libraries, Fall 2015, Section 7433

Instructor: Associate Professor John A. Walsh
Office Hours: Wednesday 9:30-11:30 and by appointment, Wells Library 005B

Syllabus is subject to change. A handful of readings may be added or removed. Tech Talk topics and Labs may be modified to suit the needs and interests of students as they emerge throughout the semester. Students will be notified in advance of any changes.

Course Description

In this course students learn to conceptualize, plan, and build digital libraries. In the process of doing that, we will learn about digitization, metadata, and various digital library-related technologies, standards, systems, and software.

Course Goal

Students will acquire knowledge and skills equipping them to be productive members of a digital library development team.

Learning Outcomes


Our two textbooks are:

Additional Resources

IU Resources

External Resources

Assignments (1000 points total)


August 28th (week 1): Introduction


September 4th (week 2): Text Objects


Tech Talk: Oxygen XML Editor (Available from IUWare for Mac, Windows, and Linux)

Lab: Editing and validating XML files in Oxygen

September 11th (week 3): Text Objects


Tech Talk: FineReader and Tesseract-OCR

Lab: Performing OCR with Tesseract

September 18th (week 4): Multimedia (image, audio, video)


Tech Talk: ImageMagick (Available from http://www.imagemagick.org for Mac, Windows, and Linux)

Lab: Manipulating images with ImageMagick

September 25th (week 5): Multimedia (image, audio, video)


Guest Lecture: Kara Alexander, Digital Media Specialist, Digital Collection Services, IU Libraries

October 2nd (week 6): Metadata & Controlled Vocabularies


Tech Talk: Omeka

Lab: Omeka

October 9th (week 7): Fall Break: Continue Metadata Readings from Miller and practice creating and manipulating sample records in Oxygen


October 16th (week 8): Metadata & Controlled Vocabularies

Tech Talk: Using XSLT to convert from one XML-encoded metadata format to another

Lab: Metadata assignment

October 23rd (week 9): Digital Library Lifecycle and Project Planning

Guest Lecture: Michelle Dalmau, Head, Digital Collection Services, IU Libraries

Required Readings:

Additional Resources for Digital Library / Digital Humanities Project Management:

October 30st (week 10): Protocols, Web Services, Repositories

Lab: Explore OAI commands; revisit previous labs; lab work on final project.

November 6th (week 11): Protocols, Web Services, Repositories

Tech Talk: OAI-PMH

Lab: OAI Servers

November 13th (week 12): People and Users and Futures for Digital Libraries


Tech Talk: Open Journal Systems (OJS)

Lab: Final Project

November 20th (week 13): Indexing and Searching


Tech Talk: Indexing and searching with SOLR

Lab: Solr: https://lucene.apache.org/solr/quickstart.html

November 27th Thanksgiving break

December 4th (week 14): Final Project Work and Consultation

Guest Lecture on copyright: Nazareth Pantaloni, Copyright Program Librarian, IU Libraries


Tech Talk: TEI Boilerplate

Lab: Final project work and consultation

December 11th (week 15): Final Project Work and Consultation