Z652 Assignment: Review of a digital library project

You will review an existing digital library and present the results of your review as a 1500–2000 word illustrated essay (Web-based or print/Word/PDF). A list of potential digital libraries to review is included below, or you may select your own. The review should include discussion of management, content, technical infrastructure, metadata, and access. You should address the following questions in your review:

Do not simply paste these questions in and answer them. Write a well organized essay/report that addresses the above issues and questions.

Some potential projects for review

This is a somewhat random and arbitrary selection of digital library projects. Feel free to select one from this list or find one elsewhere. Some projects will have more extensive documentation, making it easier to answer some of the questions above. In some cases you may be able to get additional information by communicating with people staff from the project.

Example digital library projects


Please consult the rubric provided for the assignment.


This assignment borrows from one by Catherine Stollar Peters, University at Albany, College of Computing and Information, Dept. of Information Studies.